Bootcamps at Reebok CrossFit 306

Are you looking for a motivating, non-intimidating way to get back the body you deserve, the weight loss you seek, and the confidence you need? Are you new to training and fitness? Or has it just been so long that you don't even remember the difference between a kettle bell and a barbell?

If you’re looking to jump (back) into the fitness game, then our six-week Crossfit bootcamp is the answer to your exercise goals!

A commitment to better health

We applaud your commitment to finally get the help and support you need to lose weight and inches while gaining the muscle and strength you’ve been seeking. Our bootcamps are designed as a first step of a life-long commitment to putting your health first.

What’s included?

As part of the experience, you and a group of 15 other ladies will embark on a six week journey towards greater stamina, stronger bodies, and better health. Working with one of our qualified coaches, together you’ll support each other and cheer each other on as you begin your transformations into healthier, more confident, and stronger women!

You’ll use targeted abs workouts, dumbells, rowers, and other cross training activities to keep your body working, moving, and learning throughout the experience.

*The next bootcamps begin the week of Monday January 22nd.  We will be offerig three different bootcamps starting this week.  Choose the one that makes the most sense for you.

Option #1 - For first time bootcampers - classes are Tuesday at 8pm, Friday at 8pm, and Sunday at 7pm - cost is $375

Option #2 - For first time bootcampers - classes are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at 9AM - cost is $375

Option #3 - Returning bootcamp ladies - classes run MWT at 8PM. - cost is 250$

All bootcamp classes are run over 6 weeks and include 18 classes.

Don't miss your chance to begin your weight loss journey!  Register today by emailing


6 week challenge bootcamp success! Total pounds lost: 107.4. Total inches lost: 77.25!

Average weight loss: 5.1 lbs per person. Average inches lost: 14.8 inches!

These successful bootcamp graduates are now part of our community

Success stories from bootcamp graduates

Our past participants report an average weight loss of over five pounds! Total average inches lost is over 14 inches!

See what past participants have to say about their Crossfit bootcamp experience:

Thanks Jason and Kelsey - my first Cross Fit experience was a six week boot camp. I started as a couch potato and was so nervous to try this out - but I love it!! The “community above all else” philosophy is the reason this gym has such a high success rate. Very personal coaching has helped me see I *can* try things I didn’t think I could do! I’ve signed up for the second boot camp...inches lost is very motivating! What are you waiting for?
— Karen T.
Absolute best gym!! Love the community and support you get from every workout. Signed on for a six week boot camp and it was just what I needed to get myself back into fitness. Signed on for round two and I’m loving my results thus far! Shout out to Jay and Kelsey for the awesome workouts, advice and encouragement! Reebok 306 is where you need to be. Check it out!
— Laura H.
This place has truly changed my life for the better. I just finished a six week boot camp and the results were crazy. But more than the results, I gained the confidence that I needed. I look forward to utilizing my membership to the fullest. Thanks Jay for an awesome six weeks.
— Cherysse M.

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