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Reebok CrossFit 306
25 Jan

This past weekend 306 elite lifters Luke Gordon, Jessie Buydens and Kent Brown all competed at the Strength Symposium.  Coached by Marc Morris our powerlifters came in excited to demostrate their strength and technical ability.   Jessie would have a banner day and become the first 306 lady to ever dead lift over 400lbs, with a successful attempt at 401.5.  She combined this with a personal best 385lbs squat and a powerful bench to take first in her class and once again stand tall on the podium.  Kent Brown faced some adversity, our current national silver medallist would be called on depth on his first squat and struggled to regain his focus and would not proceed with the rest of the competition.   

On the olympic weightlifting side, Luke Gordon in only his second contest made giant strides.  He was successful on all three of his snatches finishing with a competition best 110kg.  On the clean and jerk he secured his opener to take first in his weight class and then proceeded to successfully secure 135kgs and 140kgs over his head but was unfortunately called for a slight press out both times.  The 140kg was the most Luke has ever secured overhead.

Great effort by all our lifters and thank you to Marc for coaching our athletes all day long.


19 Jan

This past weekend Reebok CrossFit 306 sent 16 athletes to compete at the 2015 Bottle on the Border in Llyodminster.  306 would be represented in 5 out of 6 categories competing against 400 athletes from all over the prairies.

On the women side Janelle Waslen and Erin Book competed in what would be both their first competition in the scaled division.  They competed hard and finished every WOD with a giant smile.  In the women's Rx division we entered three teams : Holly and Kristen, Lisa and Natalie, and Sam and Beth.  All teams battled some ups and downs and had to muster huge efforts against some tough opponents.   Sam and Beth showed off their power taking 4th and 5th in the strength WODs.  Lisa crushed the bench press posting an impressive 14 reps and along with her teammate proved that they had the gymnastic skills to keep up with the best taking 6th in both the MU WOD and the C2B WOD.  Kristen and Holly put up steady performances all weekend and displayed their strength in the DL/WB WOD and the Thruster event.

On the men's side Graham and Charlie would enter day three in second place behind Woo and Nick.  Unfortunately Charlie would sustain a concussion and would have to pull out leaving Woo and Nick to clean up on the men's scaled side.  Nick and Woo would claim an unbelievable 5 first place finishes. On the men's Rx side Joel teamed up with an old friend and they crushed the C2B sprint and the finals finishing second  in both those events.  Jamie and Mike Rogers posted their best result in the bench press and followed that with numerous top 15 finishes all weekend long.

On the men's Pro side I took on a strong field of regional athletes including two times CF Games athlete Tyson Takasaki.   I managed to stay consistent all weekend with only one bad WOD on Friday night and highlighted by two second place finishes in the OHS and hand walk events.  I would finish the weekend on the podium with a bonze medal.

Overall we brought 16 athletes, representing 5 out of 6 divisions.  In the 5 divisions that we competed in, we qualified for the finals in four out five divisions.  After the finals were over we had put three athletes on the podium.  

Great work everyone!

Next up our lifters take on the Strength Symposium followed by the CIC in three weeks.


14 Jan

I wrote the post below a year and half ago, but I belive today is the perfect day to bring it up again.  For everyone especially those competing this weekend keep some of these points in mind.

As the competitive cycle of CrossFit officially begins this weekend with the BOTB I wanted to stress a few points.  Competitions do not define you, CrossFit is not who you are, it is just one of the many things you do.  99% of the people out there are hoping that you succeed and are usually incredibly impressed that you are willing to even attempt these athletic feats.  Remember it's all about having a great time, meeting new people, and pushing yourself to your own limits.  Here are a few mental tricks that I use to help me perform better in competitive environments.

1.  I try and not think too far ahead or create "what if" scenarios, e.i. what if I get no rep, what if I can't perform a certain movement.  All of these thoughts create anxiety.  Once you've registered, look forward to the event, but only focus on what you need to accomplish today.

2.  Don't worry about who will be there or not.  Don't measure your success based on your ranking versus others but rather on your performance based on your current abilities.  For example - If you have your best lifts of the season but finish 10th overall, celebrate that improvement, not the ranking versus others.  

3. Preparation is key.  Plan your clothes, get a haircut, and plan your nutrition for the day before and for competition day.  Focus on all of the things you can control and forget about the rest,

4.  The judges aren't out to get you.  If you get no rep, adjust, and move forward.  CrossFit isn't as straight forward as running 100m, there is a little grey area.  As such deal with it.  Rich Fronning got no rep at the Games, he still did alright.

5. Don't listen to detractors.  There's always someone saying "OH that was heavy, or that was long, ... or that was super easy” That’s there opinion, not yours, don't let their beliefs affect how you approach a WOD.  

5.  Start each WOD with a smile, finish with a smile.  You get to workout, that's awesome!

I also want to add this year the following - We preach Community Above All else - Why? Because performing well with no one to congratulate you, isn't nearly as satisfying as perfroming well and having your whole community be just as happy for you as they are for themselves.  As such be proud of who you train with and always support each other.


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