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16 Mar

It is with great excitement that Reebok CrossFit 306 is proud to announce that we are partnering with Popeye’s Supplements.

306 members will now receive a guaranteed discount at the check out at Saskatoon Popeye stores.

Come in and find out how to access your discount.


26 Feb

Our little gym is beginning to produce some incredible athletes.  This year alone we had 9 athletes meet the powerlifting national standards, two athletes meet Olympic weightlifting standards, and surely as we have in the past we will qualify some athletes to the CF Regional championships.

This year the powerlifting national championships will be help in St-John’s NFLD.  The weightlifting national championships will be held in Mississauga, Ont.  Finally at the end of May the CF Regional championships are to be held in Seattle, WA.  As such our 306 athletes are required to travel great distances from Saskatoon to compete against the best of the best.  As this is financially challenging, we have decided to help support our own with a fundraiser.

Therefore we are proud to announce our first ever fundraiser, the:

‘306 Athletes Go Coast to Coast Fundraiser’

This fundraiser will be held at the Saskatoon Club on Sunday March 29th at 5:30pm.  Chef Anthony McCarthy will prepare dinner.  Tickets will cost only 45$, this includes taxes, gratuity, and meal.  Kids are welcome and their meal price is 1$ per year of age.

Please come and support your 306 athletes on their quest to compete on the National stage and beyond.

Tickets available at the 306 front desk.

23 Feb

This past weekend we had 10 lifters, Lana Price-Wright, Tanys Hayes, Paul Farbacher, Braydon Goldstein, Jason Cain, Matthew Flath, Clint Senko, Bones, Cody Milton and Luke Gordon, compete in our 3rd annual power lifting meet.  Out of these 10 lifters we had 5 qualify for nationals (Lana, Paul, Jay, Braydon and Luke).  

It was Tanys', Cody's, Matt's, Braydon's and Paul's first meet and they all perform very well.  Tanys went 8 for 9 and hit some huge PR's and took over 4th place on the 306 wilks board.  Cody had a good first meet hitting a big PR squat.  Matt also had a very successful first meet going 8 for 9.  
Braydon hit some big PR's and specifically called for a massive 12.5 kg jump on his dead-lift and -still made it look easy.  Braydon had a great day, surprising himself when he realized he'd qualified for nationals with his second dead-lift attempt.
Paul who has been doing Powerlifting for about a month put on a great first meet going 8 for 9 and breaking 3 provincial records and 3 unofficial national records only narrowly missing his last dead lift which would have given him all 4 provincial records.  Paul hit a 306 leading squat of 502.7 lbs and secured 4th spot on the 306 wilks board.  
Bones had a great meet going 8 for 9, hitting PR's on all 3 lifts and pulling an easy 501 pound dead-lift.
Clint showed true grit battling all day and ended up with a PR in the squat and bench and an improved Wilks of close to 20 in about 2 months.  Clint missed his first two squats on depth but battled back and smoked an easy 3rd, this is very impressive has it takes true mental strength to regain composure after missed attempts.
Jay went 9 for 9 hitting big PR's on his squat and dead-lift and securing second overall on the 306 Wilk's board.  Jay also easily qualified for nationals and secured 3rd spot on the 306 squat board with a 485 pound squat.
Big Luke put on quite the show seemingly making every heavier attempt look easier then the previous.  Luke performs really well on the platform and went 9 for 9 for a second time in as many competitions.  Luke also finished the day with the heaviest dead-lift of the day at 606 lbs.
Lana put on a great show, breaking through a year long squat plateau and absolutely killing her 3rd dead-lift which secured her a national qualifying total and 2nd on the 306 board. #LukeStrong.
- Kent

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