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Reebok CrossFit 306
24 Aug

Now is the time to start a better healthier lifestyle with Reebok Crossfit 306 ! Sign up today for a month of CrossFit and receive your first month of nutritional guidance from Polyhealth with Jeff Woo and Marc Morris for free! (a value of $150).

Let our experts help you achieve your genetic potential.  The combination of CrossFit and Polyhealth can deliver exceptional results.  Try us for a month and see for yourself.

Email for more info.

21 Aug

Thank You Crossfit athletes, the 306 3 on 3 is officially SOLD OUT! -

- The intermediate sold out in 15 minutes 
- The scaled division sold out in 90 minutes
- The Rx division sold out in 36 hours

Stay tune for upcoming power rankings, predictions and schedule for the day.

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