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14 Dec

6 Athletes, 5 gold medals, 4 ‘306’ Board records, and 3 National records!

306 Weightlifting meet, a recap.

On December 13th athletes from across the province gathered at 306 for our annual weightlifting meet.  306 was represented by 6 athletes in 6 different weight classes.

Our ladies went first, Chelsea Andrews continued to improve and added 7kg to her previous competition total and picked up a gold medal.

Sam Mitchell would keep all her efforts for her last clean and jerk and put up a personal best 187lbs and good enough for 3rd all time at 306.

On the men side, Mike Rogers, Jason Joyal, and Luke Gordon, all battled hard and chased each and pushed one another to greater totals.  Mike would snatch a huge 235.4lbs improving on his personal best and good for third all time at 306.  His performance was also a 17kg improvement on his previous competition total.  Jason Joyal also finished with a 222kg total and after settling some early nerves was able to hit a flawless 100kg snatch.  Luke Gordon made his first appearance on the SWA circuit.  The big man would not disappoint and hit a 103kg/130kg for a 233 total.  A very good start to what will be undoubtedly a great weightlifting career for Luke.

I had a great day and managed to take all three national records for Men’s Master’s 35-39 in the 85kg weight class with a personal bests 118kg/152kg for a 270kg total.

Next up, The Last Chance Qualifier Powerlifting meet on Dec 20th in Moose Jaw.

- coach

11 Dec

This Saturday, 306 will be hosting it's annual weightlifting meet.  The action will start at 10AM with the ladies going first.  The men will begin at noon.  All spectators are free and we would love to have our members come cheer on the lifters.  306 will be represented by the following lifters:

Chelsea Andrews and Sam Mitchell at 10:00AM

Jason Cain at 2:00

Mike Rogers, Jason Joyal, and Luke Gordon at 4:00

Good luck to all our lifters.




05 Dec


This past week 306 officially turned three.  I compare the evolution of our gym as being similar to that of our kids, often referring to 306 as my fourth child.

In year one, our gym was a newborn, it required 100% of our attention and was vulnerable.  I worked non-stop in that first year fostering it's development and attended to its every need.  Rebecca and I did everything we could to ensure that the gym would make it through that critical first year.  We embraced our community and our members.  Our benchmark boards included a 305 pound deadlift for ladies, a 475 for men. A sub three minute Fran and you made the board.  We finished fourth in the Open and began to add coaches to our staff.  As that first year came to a close we had grown so fast that we put a wait list in effect for a few months trying to manage that growth.

Year two resembles the life of a toddler.  Going through some growing pains, trying to instill a little more independence and getting stronger everyday.  Our gym would establish a strong presence within the CrossFit community both in Saskatoon and Canada West.  306 could be seen on the podium at numerous events and we would again have a strong showing in the Open.  Richard and Marc would be added to our list of experts and help forge our development in powerlifting and weightlifting.  Our community continued to grow tighter.  Our deadlift board now included only scores in the 500s for men and 300s for the ladies.  Our Fran board now needed a sub 2:45 to be board worthy.

Year three resembles a young teenager.  Confident, strong with unlimited potential.  Our membership base is secure, allowing us to make big investments into athletic development.  We would renovate upstairs permitting us the ability to bring in onsite physiotherapy and massage therapy.  We would officially partner with PolyHealth, providing our athletes the nutritional guidance needed for peak performance.  We added another 1000 square feet of gym space dedicated to the strength sports and that would pay huge dividends.  Two of our athletes take over provinicial records in weightlifting.  Jessie Byudens becomes our first Canadian champion in powerlifting.  Our deadlift board now includes a 600lbs lift and a 395lbs world class lift on the ladies side.  Our Fran board continues to improve with now a sub 2:35 needed to get on.  Path to the Podium is born helping athletes focus their efforts and reach their potential.

Looking forward we know our foundation is strong.  We believe that as we mature we can officially become one of the premier training centers in Canada.  We will continue to focus on quality of development of all our athletes, breaking down any barriers that may stand in our way.  Rebecca, myself, and all of our staff, are dedicated to providing all our members with the best possible experience and help everyone achieve their potential.

Thank you 306 for making all my dreams come true, every day I am surrounded by incredible athletes and kind, generous people that I often forget that this is a job and I am not just dreaming.


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