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23 Nov

A great day of lifting was had for the 306 Weightlifting Club at the Mustache Open. Medals were won, PR’s were had, and records were broken.

Sam Mitchell launch a PR snatch right over her head and then follow it with a PR Clean and Jerk at 88kg. Kaley Pugh came in and broke all 3 records in her division as well as a new PR Snatch. Chelsea Andrews looked smooth and dynamic going 6/6 posting a new competition PR in her snatch.   Jayne came into her first ever weightlifting competition, not nervous at all, and set comp PR’s that she will surely crush in the near future.

Jason Cain came in crushed it even though he couldn’t feel his shoulder after suffering an injury on his third snatch.   He still moves WAY too fast for me to even see what’s going on but I’m sure his mechanics were great.  I had an unreal time coaching for the first time with this crew. Having such motivated, outgoing athletes makes the experience amazing. Couldn’t ask for a better group of people. 


16 Nov

Another 306 Gala is in the books and what a great night it was.  It’s always fun to get together on a social level, get all dressed up and let loose a little.  This year we added a DJ to the mix and we got to dance up a storm.  I was very impressed by people’s fancy dance moves…especially Kathee – if I even attempted to replicate what she can do, I would get very hurt;). 

After enjoying a beautiful meal prepared by Chef Anthony, we presented our male and female community leader awards.  This years recipients were Clay Newby and Laurie Thompson.  These 2 athletes are well deserving as they are hard working, coachable and always happy.  They are pillars of our 306 community. 

The gala is always a time of reflection for Jason and I.  We look at what we have accomplished as a gym over the past year.  We talk about the direction that we want to go.  As Jason talked about in his speech, we are going to continue to focus on quality, not quantity.  We are not moving to a bigger space or adding a new location.  We will continue to offer high quality coaching and programing to help each of you reach your fitness goals.  We want to know each of you and be sure that we can live our motto of “Community Above all Else”.

To all of our members – THANK YOU!  Thank you for a great year and inviting us into your lives on a daily basis.  We are looking forward to another incredible year. 

04 Nov

One of the greatest things about being a part of CrossFit is the community.  As a coach, we get the opportunity to get to know people and their stories.  We get to see people fall in love, get married, break-up, have babies, fight through health challenges, graduate school, start careers and retire.  We are blessed to be able to be a part, even if it is small, of each member's life journey.  This event is one that is very special to us.  Maddi has been a member for a couple years now.  She was a total inspiration training the whole time she was pregnant with her little man (maybe that's why he's so tough).  Even when she knew that there would be complications, she remained calm and just excited to be a mom.  Wyatt has grown into a super strong and happy baby boy!  I am lucky that he comes and visits the noon class so I can get my baby fix;).  They have to go back to Toronto Children's Hospital for more surgery in January and we want to help out a little.  

We will be hosting a WOD (at the gym during class times) and Beef Buffet at the Saskatoon Club.  Cocktails are at 5:00 and dinner at 6:00 on Sunday, November 29th.  Tickets are $40 for adults and kids are $1/year of age they are.  There are 160 tickets available and Maddi and Wyatt will get $15 from each adult ticket sold (the rest goes to cover costs).  I am also looking for silent auction items.  If you have something that you could donate or know someone who could donate something, please contact me directly: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..  This event is open to everyone, not just 306 athletes.  If you want to make it a dinner out with friends, you can while supporting a great cause.  Sign up for tickets will be at the gym.  Prices include taxes and gratuities.  We will also be having a 50/50 draw.  We are looking forward to seeing you there!


Wyatt was born with a very rare condition called a bladder extrophy, born with his bladder on the outside of his body. Because his stomach muscles didn't form properly due to the bladder, everything from Wyatt's belly button to his bum was spliced open. Wyatt and mom were flown out to the sick kids hospital in Toronto the day after he was born. When he was five days old he went through an extensive surgery. They repaired his bladder, moved it back into his body, attached his ureters from his kidneys to his bladder, broke his hips to put them into the correct position and they tried to repair his urethra. While Wyatt was recovering from his surgery, he suffered from an infection in his blood and urine. They treated him for meningitis and was on pretty heavy antibiotics. Because of this he had a central line, an iv to his heart. He was left with a fistula (a hole from his bladder, which is where he urinates from). Wyatt was in the hospital for 6 weeks.

He is now scheduled for his second surgery in January of 2016. The goal is to correct his urethra and close his fistula.

Wyatt is a very strong, happy little boy and his family is so very proud of him.

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