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05 Oct

What a day!  Yesterday marked our 3rd annual 3 on 3 Throw down.  This year, Jason and I were a little more nervous than previous years.  We had added the intermediate division to the competition and with that comes a lot more organization, not to mention more people.  We don't have a huge gym, so we were really hoping to make use of outside.  In a perfect world, we would have a beautiful, sunny fall day (kind of like it was on Friday;)).  We can't always predict everything and if Crossfit has taught us anything, it is to be prepared for the unknown and unknowable.  

We could not be happier with how the day turned out.  It was chilly, with a drizzle all day long, but that didn't change a thing.  Check in started at 7:00am, but athletes were excited, maybe a little nervous so started arriving at 6:30.  They were happy to help with last minute tasks to make sure we were ready to go.  The day started with a run and ended with a sprint with a little lifting and Crossfit in between.  

The gym was filled to the max with athletes, spectators, friends, family and a whole lot of amazing energy.  Right from the first WOD, athletes surprised themselves by what they could do.  In the second WOD, there were 2 ladies who had never cleaned #105 - but guess what - they both did it - way to go Janet and Kim!  It was so exciting to see people accomplish things that they didn't seem possible.  For some, it was a first competition, for others, they are seasoned competitors.  No matter who the athlete was, they all brought a lot of heart and determination to do the best they could do.  

Because I have the privilege of coaching a number of these athletes and being 'behind the scenes', I get to know the back-stories.  Athletes that have battled addiction and won, battled illness, worked an overtime shift, didn't get any sleep because their kids didn't sleep...but the coolest thing - they all come in with smiles on their faces, hung out with old friends and make some new ones.  This kind of energy is contagious and inspires.  

Things that I loved about Saturday are many, but to name a few...I think it is awesome that James Gordon was on a team with his parents (Chris and Bruce) and he had to keep up;).  I love that Marc, Amy and Kent left their comfort zone and kicked some butt in a totally new sport.  I love that at a moment's notice athletes stepped up to fill in for another sick or injured athlete from another team - Ashlyn and Jocelyn went with 2 teams from out of town, Steve stepped in to round out a 306 team and Carly was a last minute sub for another team - that is awesome!  And finally, it was so cool to see team Brio6Strength made up of Aaron Parker (306), Courtney Berg (Brio) and Matt Bathgate (Synergy Strength) come together and throw down representing the greater Crossfit community.  We all love our own box and community, but there is also a greater community, one where we just share the love of training, health and wellness.  

This event couldn't have been a success without the help of our volunteers and sponsors.  To each an every one of you - THANK-YOU!!  Thank you to the athletes for coming from near and far to make this event an exciting throw down.  Thank you to my amazing husband, Jason who puts together some of the best programming out there.  He works tirelessly and runs the competition through his brain about a million times before it comes to life.  I couldn't ask for a better partner in business and life.

Now for some results:

RX Division:

1st Place - Pure Athletics PA

2nd Place - Brio6Strength - Saskatoon

3rd Place - Team Frontier - Calgary

Intermediate Division:

1st Place - Dead Weights - 306

2nd Place - Chalk Dirty to Me - Synergy

3rd Place - AMARAPers Delight - Cujo

Scaled Division:

1st Place - Pure PA

2nd Place - GM Fit - Saskatoon & PA

3rd Place - Otterbein - Saskatoon

Congratulations to all the athletes that competed.  We hope to see you again next year!  Happy Training:)



02 Oct

Tomorrow we will host our third annual 3 on 3 Throwdown. As the event grows every year, it is important to acknowledge that this gathering of CrossFit athletes would not be possible without the help of our generous sponsors and the countless volunteers that donate their time. As such we would like to thank the following sponsors of tomorrow’s event.

Our title sponsors– Fitness Solution and Myofascial Therapies

Our podium sponsors – Popeye’s Saskatoon, Reebok Canada, and Kota Graphics

Our WOD prizing sponsors –

WOD 2 RX – These Fist Fly – winners will receive TFF clothing
WOD 3 Intermdediate – JakT RX – winners will receive product
WOD 4 Scaled – Blonyx – winners will receive product

Volunteers sponsored area – Tim Hortons

01 Oct
Reebok CrossFit 306 3 on 3 Thoughts and Predictions
With two days before the Reebok CrossFit 306 3 on 3 Throwdown begins, the excitement seems to be at an all time high. With three divisions this year we can expect incredibly tightly contested WODS and an ever changing leaderboard. What can we expect from each division? In the scaled division many questions need to be answered. Can Matt, Pete, and Angela, return to 306 after four months off and be in competition shape? Or was the summer to good for them? Will Bruce Gordon have a WOD long enough to allow him to display his level of fitness? Will his son Big James Gordon have weights heavy enough to allow him to stand out? The most compelling story line in this division is, can our trio of national medallist power lifters, CrossFit? Surely Marc, Kent, and Amy, can move a barbell with the best of them, but what will happen when the time domain exceeds 1 minute of continuous work.
Scaled Predictions –
1. Chelsea Andrews, Mitchell Wilson, Mitch Tallon
2. Kaley Pugh, Byron Pugh, Shawn Kucik
3. Brieann Gardiner, Scott Gardiner, Ryan MacEwen
The intermediate division has had a lot of last minute changes. Ashlyn Newlove took over as the female representative on the Kindersley team. Last year’s podium finishers will be without their superhero and Dakota Games Champ, Wayne Dust. Perennial podium hog Nick Kroshinski had to pull out this week with shoulder limitations. The question will remain can any of these teams gel with last minute changes to their roster.
Intermediate Predictions –
1. Todd Malcolm, Clay Newby, Rochelle Wempe
2. Curtis Johnson, Scott Noble, Zoe Smith
3 Brad Merkosky, Steve Peever, Laurie Thomson
The Rx division will be crowning a new champ this year, as last year’s champions of Taryn, Lance, and Curt Manning had to withdraw do to illness. With two Games athletes in James Kapacila , and Laurie Meschishnick and a multitude of talented regional athletes, the competition will be fierce. Josh Kapacila and Whitney Darchuk are fresh off their BCBD win, combined with the younger and current Games athlete James Kapacila you know they’ll be ready. However a true Saskatoon dream team was put together to take on PA Finest. Brio, Synergy, and 306 all contributed one athlete to put this dream team together, Courtney Berg, Matt Bathgate, and Aaron Parker. Joel Baryluk will be making a return to his old box along regional stud Shawn Luckacsy. Edmonton’s Man Made and CF Armoury will also be battling. Can’t wait!
Rx Predictions –
1. Courtney Berg, Matt Bathgate, Aaron Parker
2. Whitney Darchuk-Parenteau, Josh Kapacila, James Kapacila
3. Jeff Woo, Steven Lund, Natalie Jarrett



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