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We all assume we are always eating well, the truth however is that most of us repeat the same mistakes over and over and struggle to understand why our refection isn't what we hoped. Sit down with us and let us educate you and guide you to making better decisions and getting the results you want.

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A little history about me…

I have always loved to play.  When I was a kid, I just wanted to be outside, ride my bike, play with the kids next door.  As I got older, I loved to play sports.  I played fastball and volleyball.  Volleyball was the sport that I really loved.  I got my first gym membership when I was 13 years old and have enjoyed many kinds of training over the years, from running to yoga to CrossFit.  When I went to school, I went to the U of S and entered into the College of Arts and Science.  After about a year and a half, I decided that I wanted to major in Phys Ed and minor in Business.  Turns out this wasn’t an option, but thankfully, Mount Royal in Calgary had a program just for that.  So, I moved and took the Physical Activity and Sport Administration program.  From there, I took Business from Athabasca University.  I love to learn and have my Level 2 CrossFit trainer’s certificate as well as my level 1 Precision Nutrition coaching certificate.  I am looking to start my level 2 in October. 

Growing up, I was always “bigger”, meaning I developed early and was 5’7” with boobs by the time I was 12 years old.  Everyone would always say, “you’re such a big girl”.  I would pray at night that I could just be short.  What I wouldn’t give to be 5’2”.   I hated sticking out and I was too young to understand that we would all level out and the others would catch up in development.  I remember clearly that there was a night we were at a volleyball tournament and one of my teammates made a comment about how she wouldn’t want to meet up with me in a dark alley.  My heart sunk – am I really that big that you would be scared of me. 

That day, I made a pact to myself – I was going to be small.  Again, not equipped with proper knowledge, I decided to stop eating (again, not the smartest thing).   I started just skipping breakfast and then lunch and then I would find ways to get out of supper time.  I would take bites, chew and then spit my food into a napkin, excuse myself and then go to the bathroom and flush it down the toilet.  I lost weight and began receiving lots of compliments.   This moment was short lived, I thought I had everything under control, however I kept losing weight. Compliments turned to concerns. I was getting weaker and I had to go to the doctor regularly to get weighed and blood work taken.  I didn’t know how to stop.  I had limited myself to 30 calories a day.  I was getting weaker, sometimes I would faint.  I would eat, then weigh myself, then go and run until the scale had a number lower than it was when I finished eating. 

I decided to get help.  I knew that if I continued on the path that I was on, I would eventually starve to death.  I didn’t want to die.  I saw a dietitian to help me start eating again.  We started out really small, and I think we started on 300 calories a day and worked up from there.  This was so hard for me because I gained weight rather quickly and I was eating salads and only “healthy” foods.   I knew that this would happen and because I was exercising a ton while not eating, even the training didn’t help.  I knew that I had to stick with it until I could fix my metabolism.  I had some set-backs and would binge and then vomit, I overdosed on laxatives and ordered diet pills on line.  Everyone was watching to make sure that I was eating, but I figured that I could hide the other problem and not become a “big girl” again. 

I had some set-backs and struggled with body image a lot.  I paid a lot of money for liposculpture, I would fall into old habits of not eating, or purging.  I used diet systems and foods.  Finally, in my late 20’s, I vowed to stop the craziness.  I had studied Phys Ed and was trying to help others.  I know that I had to first fix myself.  In the mix of all this, I had contracted a parasite when I was travelling that went undiagnosed for a long time, causing me to develop ulcerative colitis. 

This is when my nutrition journey really began.  I read everything that I could.  I worked with naturopaths, dieticians, and wellness coaches.  I read, researched and tried everything that I could to make sure that I could fuel myself and heal what was broken. 

I found a way to control (and improve) my colitis through diet and exercise.  I have a new mindset that I want to nourish my body.  I don’t want to punish myself for being who I am.  I wish that I would have had more knowledge in my younger years, but all of my experiences bring me to where I am today. 

I am the mom to three beautiful girls.  I gained 50, 60, and 70 pounds with each of them!  I was active and didn’t let my diet go during pregnancy, it’s just what my body needed to do.  So, I do understand that struggle too.

I vowed when they were born that I would be the best example that I can for them to create a healthy body image.  When we talk about food, it is about fueling our bodies and how things can give you energy and how some foods really can take your energy away.  I will also always jump in the pool or go to the lake and wear my bikini without covering up.  Some days, this is so hard to do.  Sometimes, I feel bloated or just not great, but I know that those little eyes are watching.  I try and share my experiences so that they can learn from my mistakes.  Although, I know that the world will shape and influence them, I hope that they can keep some of the lessons that I have tried to teach.

Working in the fitness industry over the years, I have seen a lot of fads and probably tried them all too.  I have tracked my macros and I have done figure competitions.  I have done the Whole 30 and I eat paleo because it is what works best for my body. 

WHY am I telling you all of this?!  Well, over time, I have met a lot of people who have struggled with disordered eating, or struggle with body image or just don’t know where to turn.  I want you to know that I have been there.  I come from a place of experience.  I have to work at my health and fitness every day, just like you. 

I do get it and I do want to help!

My philosophy on nutrition:  I believe that we should eat to nourish our bodies with real, whole food.  I don’t think that food should be used as a punishment or a reward.  We should know where our food comes from and we should also learn to listen to our bodies.  We need to slow down and enjoy our food once again.  We need to get out of the habit of “eating on the run” at one of the many “fake food” establishments out there.  I believe that by making small changes and creating healthy habits, you can change your body from the inside out.  I believe in lifting each other up, in guiding and supporting my clients.  I think that if we took a little more time every day to nourish ourselves and exercise a little bit more, we would be a lot healthier as a society. 

If you are tired of trying everything to eat better, the diets, the powders, the calorie counting, only to relapse or not get the results that you were hoping for.  I offer support in a judgement free environment.  I have struggled with body-image and dieting and came out on the other side.  I would love to work with you and help you to develop the tools to live a long and healthy life.

Coach Rebecca


Initial consult: 40$

Monthly program: 85$

One time yearly purchase: 900$ (includes your free initial consult)