Ready To Compete?

Here we go again; its the “week of”. The annual Reebok Crossfit 3 On 3 is this Saturday.  Last year I did a blog post prior to the competition entitled “Competition Day Hacks” (September 25th 2018). Have a look back in the blogs for some good detailed breakdown on competition day specifically. In this one, I’m going to address the week leading up and what I recommend that looks like. 

First, most competitors know the importance of a “deload” before a competition. This is a couple of blogs worth of information so I won’t go in to a ton of detail in this one. Essentially, we want to turn down the training volume more and more the closer and closer we get to competition date. At the same time, we want to ramp up the intensity. This allows the body time to recover and repair without it losing that “edge”. Basically you don’t want to kill any one muscle group as this is hard to recover from. Keep the intensity high and a good general full body workout. 

As we go later into the week we want to really turn down the training. There are all kinds of different schools of thought on what this looks like and it is going to vary from athlete to athlete. Working forwards through the week might up to a competition on the weekend, we might do some shorter high intensity pieces on Monday and Tuesday. The WODs at 306 this week have been great for doing this. They were a very good high intensity stimulus on the overall body and nervous system without punishing any one part of the body.  Going forward, on a Wednesday before, I would suggest the same kind of thing. Keep it quick. Keep it light. Keep it systemic; meaning it isn’t going to really fry you. We want to keep the intensity but we don’t want to be “laid out” after a workout. That will be the last real training day in my opinion. 

Two days before competition, it’s probably a good idea to get sweaty but not do too much beyond that. Again, very short and certainly do not want to be exhausted afterwards. What this looks like for you is obviously going to be different for the individual. Here is an example of what I do for myself two days before a competition. It’s just a quick example of something that isn’t going to fry me but allows me to sweat and stay “on edge”.  If you want to use this, you can adjust the calories accordingly so you are sweaty and breathing hard but not approaching max effort at all. 

15 Minute EMOM

  1. 12 cal Row

  2. 10 cal Ski

  3. 12 cal Assault Bike

The day before, stick to routine as far as eating and drinking goes (unless the “routine” is really really bad, but then we have other things to talk about haha).  You want to make sure you get your usual caloric intake and are fuelled for the next day. Remember that the stuff you put in to your body today is the fuel it is going to burn tomorrow so we want this to be quality food. On that day before, rest. Some people like to do something simple; that EMOM above for example. Totally up to you. I like to take the whole day off. Since you’re going to have some free time because you aren’t training, I recommend using it for mobility work. Spend the hour stretching, using mobility aids and working on any trouble spots. Making an appointment at your favourite professional treatment of choice is also a great idea.  Take care of yourself!  Lastly, go to bed a little earlier than usual. You don’t want to force the issue, but as much sleep as you can get before is good. 

Other than that, I think you have it covered. Again, go back and read the “Competition Day Hacks” for some day-of advice if you want. Then, relax. You got this!  

Oh....and get a hair cut before! :)