3 on 3 Predictions

3 on 3 ThrowDown Predictions!

Well it's time for the annual 3 on 3 predictions. As always those that I predict that will do well will tell me that I put extra pressure on them, those that don't get ranked high will ask me why I don't believe in them. Ah well, I'm still doing it.

All right let's take a look at the Rx division of which the winner gets an automatic bid to this year's CrossFit Atlas Games in Montreal. Unfortunately the three-time champions of Kelsey Rhode and Aaron Parker (Drake Ramoray) will not be defending their title as an injury has sidelined their team. As such this year will mark a chance for three new names to be put up on our wall.

One name however may get a second plaque on our wall of fame, Franky Wood ! Franky won with Kelsey and Aaron in 2017 and will return to compete alongside Graham Unruh and Polina Bespalova. Could this be the team to beat? Woods is a Games athlete, Polina and Graham are some of the best weightlifters in Canada... but ladies and gentleman this is not weightlifting, it's CrossFit! Not having seen what Graham can do from a CF standpoint they are still a dark horse. However I still pick them to make the semi-finals where it will come down to some head to head DRAMA!

The other teams that I expect to make the semi-finals are Man-Made, lead by the ever so pleasant Melissa Chatigny and stone cold competitor Andrew Askin. I think that without Aaron Parker to put a stop to them I believe that this year could finally be the year that Man Made takes the 3 on 3! The other semi-finalist will be Abra, Chris Callaghan, and Taylor Dooley vs Reebok's 306 team of the Nicholson brothers (Tea Jaay and Benjamin Nicholson) and Amanda Lynn Wojda! Both of these teams look well balanced, but ultimately I see the more experience team of Abra, Chris, and Taylor winning over the Amanda and the Nicholson's.

The intermediate division features 13 teams. All of which have a mix of experience and newcomers making any predictions as easy predicting the weather in April! Here is my best guess on the semi-finalist. Kathee Le team will face off against Angela's (Ang Ela Mc ). Kathee's experience men made up of 6AM regulars Cole and Russ will ultimately outperform the men on Angela's side and book their ticket to the finals. The other semi-finals will feature Tim Gabb as he does nothing but win at Reebok CrossFit 306 competitions. Tim's team from StrongFit will ultimately beat out Saskpro's team of Scott Gardiner. The finals will be tightly contested with Tim's team continuing their string of impressive showings at Reebok 306 and taking the crown!

The scaled division is our entry division into CF. It features a few young boys with 13 year old Jacob and Matthew competing alongside their parents and a few athletes over the age of 50. Ultimately I see Kent and Jody's team facing off in the semi-finals versus Synergy Warman while the other semi-finals will feature Brenda Eaket-Elliott Jordan and Cecil versus StrongFit. Any team with Jordan on it can't be discounted as I predict that he will steal the show and carry his team to victory in the semi-finals and set up the stage for a battle of good friends Brenda Eaket-Elliott VS Jody.

I can't wait for another exciting day at Reebok CrossFit 306 and can't wait for our head to head match-ups!

See you all soon.