306 “Crossfit Open” class showdown

Thursday, October 10th. It starts. The 2020 Crossfit Open!  If you are not familiar with the Open, it has traditionally been a five week journey of testing your fitness while being able to compare against thousands of people in your demographic across the world.  It’s a great opportunity to get feedback on how your training has gone the past year, while getting a glimpse of areas you can improve for next year.  You do not, by any means, need to be a competitive athlete or having any motivation for training beyond living a healthier, longer life or looking better naked.  It’s just a lot of good fun. 

This year marks the beginning of the new “Crossfit Season”.  The Open is the now the first way elite level athletes will be able to qualify for the Crossfit Games; our “world championships”.  Up until now, the Open has been held in February or March. October 10th marks the new beginning of the new format.  For now anyways, it will be in October and into November each year.  

So, here is what is going to be happening at Reebok Crossfit 306 for the 2020 Open. It promises to be a whole lot of fun and generate some good interest and friendly rivalry throughout. 

First thing, we need some teams!  The rivalry is a lot more fun when we have our peers on our team and we can support and push each other. Here they are: (creative and epic names to follow!)

  1. 6am and 7am Classes

  2. FitOverFifty and 10am Class

  3. Noon Class

  4. 3pm and 4pm Classes

  5. 5pm Class

  6. 6pm and 7pm Classes

Now that we have some teams laid out, we need some format.  You do not need to be “signed up” for Open.  Each week when the Open workout is released on Thursday, it will be programmed for the gym on Friday. Everyone will do the workout, just the same as regular day of programming in the gym. Coaches will address scaling to make sure the workout is appropriate for everyone. From there, we will track every score from each team.  We will throw away the best and the worst score from each workout in each class. The average of the scores will be calculated from there. Each team will get an average Rx score and an average scaled score. Best scores win the week!

Some details. You do not need to do every workout. Ideally, we would love it if you can make it in to support your team and contribute a score while getting a good workout in. If you can’t make it one week, don’t worry!  Your score just won’t be a factor. You also do not need to be in the same class each week. Whichever class you show up to, will be where your score is calculated. If you have some really fit friends, this may be an opportunity for some contract talks. I know for a fact that this coach LOVES donuts and could be easily persuaded with some Nutana Bakery. Just sayin’.  

Just like in years past, on the fifth week, we will host our Friday Night Lights events. We will get the gym set up and ready to rock and roll for one final workout. We’ll have heat sign ups so you can compete head to head with your friend or fri-enemy from a different class. We will have some food and some drinks before and/or after and just have a great evening in our community. After the heats have all finished up, we’ll calculate the team totals and announce a winner. Some serious bragging rights and maybe some prizing goes to victors. 

So there it is!  I am looking forward to having some fun, talking some smack, and doing some fitness with some good people!  Look forward to seeing everyone on those Friday mornings!  

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