Not always as planned


So there it is.  For those of you who hit up 306 after I have gone for the day, I’ll be doing this for each of the five weeks through the Open.  I will dissect the workouts released as best I can beforehand for you and give you all the strategy, tips and “hacks” that I would look at for myself to help you get after the workout as best you can. I don’t presume to be an “expert” at this at all, so take it for what it’s worth but I do usually do a fairly good job of breaking them down and coming up with an effective strategy. 

Now I’m going to get real “real” with you. Today I missed it. I didn’t miss it for 99% of the people in the gym. All the advice on the board for today is sound and in my humble opinion, will set you up for the best possible score. On our Instagram story this morning I posted it and said it was for 99% of the people and that the very top 1% of members in the gym it would look a little bit different. I won’t go into details here about why simply because it’s a lot to explain but if you are curious, track me down and I’ll be happy to share my thoughts. Anyways, for my abilities right now, I missed it for me.  I was wrong in “my” strategy. 

I went through the workout and did not finish it. For my fitness level, how training has been going and just where I am at, I should have. I am lucky to get the opportunity to see a ton of people do the same workout. I see thousands upon thousands of the same reps from all kinds of different people. That allows me to be very aware both as a coach and as an athlete of how my abilities stack up to a particular workout.  Today I screwed up on my execution and planning. I get really discouraged with myself when that happens. Not because I want to beat anyone else or because I want to place three places higher in my 498,174th placing in the Open but because I didn’t perform to what I know I am capable of. 

You know what?  That’s ok. It’s ok to get discouraged and be frustrated. It’s ok not to execute your best every single day. I’ve seen it over and over, the cliche of “it’s not a failure, it’s an opportunity to learn”. It does have a lot of truth in it. While I a lot of times roll my eyes when I see that, in this case it’s true. We have the opportunity to redo an Open workout. We learn from our first attempt and get better. In real life, we quite often aren’t going to have that opportunity and I get that. Inside our small bubble of “Crossfit” though, learn from it and do it again! We have another four weeks of the Open to go, and you may not always perform to what you expect yourself to do. Don’t let it discourage you. Most certainly, don’t let it affect you. At the end of the day, it’s some fitness that no one will remember (including you) and no matter how you “think” you performed, you will be a healthier and better version of yourself.

Just wanted to throw out a quick blog on it. It’s by no means a “whoa-is-me”. Quite the opposite in fact. It’s meant to encourage you, and me, that even the best thought out execution isn’t always right and we aren’t always at our best. We’ll take it and get better. 

Until Monday when I redo, I get to think about smashing what I did today!  Happy Open, everyone. Go get it!