3 on 3 Recap

Another Reebok CrossFit 306 3 on 3 Throwdown has come and gone. The atmosphere in our gym was absolutely electric all day and was deafening by the time we came to the head to head semi-finals.

36 teams started the day across three divisions. By mid-afternoon only the top four teams remained. Top teams got “home field advantage” over their adversaries. This meant that they could select the order and their opponent as well as the WOD that benefitted them the most.

In the scaled division the teams picked from Grace, Fran, and Annnie, classic CrossFit benchmarks. The top ranked team from Reebok 306 lost their opening match-up on Annie and had to win both Grace and Fran to move to the finals. They would win both, Fran by a hair and eventually took the finals as well.

In the intermediate division the top ranked team fromCF Warman matched up against Reebok 306 athletes. Warman would win both match-ups and face off against Strongfit from Saskatoon. CF Warman would go on and win the finals and capture their first team title at the 3 on 3.

The RX division was deep, featuring former Games, and regional athletes as well national level lifters. Team 306 with two regional athletes, Aaron Parker and Eric Peterson, won three of the first five workouts showcasing that they had the most well balanced team. They moved through the semis after Kelsey Rhode put up a World Class 5:09 on DT. They met up against CF Man-Made from Edmonton for a hard fought final. Team 306 took the victory.

A giant thank you to all the athletes for competing and putting forth such a strong effort, the spectators for brining in all the excitement and the volunteers for making the day run smooth.

We’ll see you all in June for our next comp at the 2nd Annual BeLikeBruce Fitness Festival.