MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!  I love this time of year.  Maybe you could tell with my Christmas sweater and tutu ;).  The reason that I love Christmas is because in our house it has always been a time when we can relax, come together and honour old traditions and welcome in new ones. 


I like to break out some classic Christmas movies – ELF, Charlie Brown’s Christmas, and the Grinch are just a few of my favorites.   I like these movies because they really go back to finding the spirit of the holidays. 


This time of year gets mixed reviews – some people love it but some people hate it.  They hate it for different reasons: too commercialized, too expensive, too lonely, etc.  I think the challenge is to find some time to reflect on the year.  Give thanks for all that you had the opportunity to experience.  Give back in some way (and this doesn’t need to cost money).  It’s amazing how far a smile and a kind word can go.  If you do have much, try to give some to those who don’t have as much.  Don’t feel guilty because you do have much.  You have worked hard and can enjoy it (without guilt). 


I am looking forward to heading to a full house at my Mom and Dad’s.  We always have a ton of laughs, play lots of games and eat some pretty amazing food.  Most of all, we unplug and really just enjoy each other’s company.  I have loved watching the girls prepare for Santa’s arrival and watch the joy in their eyes as they open their gifts. Tomorrow, we will head off to Elkridge.  A new tradition that we started with the 5 of us.  We play outside all day long and enjoy being in nature.   It gives all of us a chance to re-charge and get ready to take on 2018. 


So, for all of you, whether you love or hate Christmas, are Christian, Buddhist, Muslim or Atheist, whether you find yourself among many or few, may you find happiness and peace.  I hope that you can take some time for yourself, share a smile and a kind word.  Be ‘open’ to the magic of the season and ENJOY!  HAPPY HOLIDAYS – see you in the New Year :)