Fit Over Fifty YXE Program at Reebok CrossFIT 306

Are you over 50 years of age and want to make the best of your upcoming golden years? Would you like more energy and feel better everyday? Would you like to reverse some the effects of aging and regain some vitality?

Our 50+ program was designed with you in mind. We know you might not have the same spring in your step, but with our help we will help you feel young again.

A commitment to better health

Our program is specifically designed with older athletes in mind. We begin with long progressive warm ups and then build towards that day’s specified workout. The program is delivered in a small group setting to ensure a high coach to athlete ratio. Yep that’s right, athlete, you are one, maybe you don’t see yourself as one, but we do. We want to help you regain some of that lost vigour and have fun doing it.

What’s included?

As part of the experience, you and a group of 15 other over fifty years of age athletes will embark on a six week journey towards greater stamina, stronger bodies, and better health. Working with one of our qualified coaches, together you’ll support each other and cheer each other on as you begin your transformations into healthier, stronger, and more vital you!

We use very creative and purposefully designed workouts to help increase your mobility, your strength, and your cardiovascular system.

 Our next cycle of Fit Over Fifty will begin the last week of Jan 2019.

All programs run over 6 weeks and include 18 classes and cost 250$ + GST.

Your training options are as follows:

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8AM with coach TJ


Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11AM with coach Rebecca

Don't miss your chance to begin your weight loss journey!  Register today by emailing


Fit over Fifty YXE
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Coach TJ with his group of senior athletes.

Success stories from Fit Over Fifty YXE

I saw a Facebook post and went the next morning to register. What a great decision that was! As hard as I feel it is, it is surely what my old body needed. I have surprised a few friends by telling them what I am doing. Hopefully it will encourage more of them to join also.
— Lorraine H.
Fit over Fifty YXE

Join our amazing group of Fit over Fifty only at Reebok CrossFit 306.

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