Start of Something New

Start of Something New
week 1 of MU progression
(1 MU +1 ring dip) X 3 for 5 min EMOM
Part B:
WOD - It's just a barbell
squat clean thruster 155/105/135/95
BJ 36/28/24/20
Oly Program:

A) Snatch

-2x2@50-60%, 1x1@65-70-75-80%, 3x1@85%>

B) Snatch Balance+OHS

-Build to max effort of (1+3), then 1 set @ 95% & 90% (record max effort as later weeks will be built of this complex)

C) Back Squat

-3x6@70%, 2x2@85%>

D) Bent Over Rows

-3x5@ last weeks heaviest set of 6 (if missed then build to heavy 5 and hit 3 sets)

E) Planks

-16 Rounds of 25 seconds on, 5 seconds off