So much Snatch!

Part A:
10 MIN EMOM of 2 full snatch at 185/125/135/95 + 2 BJ 44/32"/36/24
Part B:
On the 2 minutes for 4 rounds
1 full snatch at 205/135/155/105 and 3 BJ (same as above)

Oly Program:

A) Clean & Jerk

-2x2@50-60%, 1x1@65-70-75-80-84%, 3x1@87.5%

B) Clean Grip Deadlift


C) Bench Press

3x5@75%, 2x2@87.5%

D) Pull-ups+Ring Rows

5 min EMOM (each minute achieve as many reps as possible in 20 seconds, rest remaining 40s… Weight and bands may be used)


3x10 weighted (wall balls or plates against chest)