Saturday's Gala Prep

The workout ends once you've completed 48 Man Makers 45/25/35/20

At the top of every minute you must perform:

24 DU

Oly Program:


A) Clean Complex

Build to moderate of… 1 Muscle Clean+1 Power Clean+1 Full Clean

B) Cleans

1x1@70-75-80%, 2x1@85%, 2x1@90%, 1x1@95%>

C) Back Squats

Build to a Heavy Single, then complete 1 single at 95-90% of heavy single

D) Push Press

3x3@ 77.5%, 2x2@ 82.5%

E) 3 Rounds not for time of…

-5 Pendlay Rows

-3 Seated Box Jumps (high as possible)