Pure Sweetness

Part A: Week 3 of WB
50 WB (goal is unbroken) Time Cap 2mins!
Totally doable!
100 DU then
4 rounds of
10 Fr squats at 195/135/135/95
10 T2B
Finish with 100 DU
Additional Open prep:
Oly B :
Thrusters 7min EMOM X 4 at 75% of 1 RM clean and Jerk
Oly Plan:
A: From rack 1 ft squat + 1 jerk - 3 sets at each weight go up until you fail 2/3 sets
B: thrusters 
7min EMOM X4 at 75% of 1 RM clean and Jerk
C: snatch pulls 6X4 at110%
D: GHD back extension and strict pull ups (3 sets for max reps of each)