Last week of those thrusters

Part A: :last week of thrusters progression 
5 min EMOM of 5 thrusters at
RX 195/135
Part B: 10 rounds of 
T2B, C2B, BM
3 power snatch 135/95/95/65
Oly Program:

A) Snatch Complex

Build to moderate of… 1 High Hang Snatch+1 Hang Snatch+1 Low Hang Snatch

B) Snatch


C) Front Squat

Build to a 2RM, then complete 1x2 @95&90% of 2RM

D) Press

3x3@ 77.7%  2x2@ 82.5%

E) Planks

6 Rounds of 45sec on 15 sec off