Some outside running

200m run
20 KBS 1.5/1
2 rope climbs

What's Parker doing?
Rest day or catch up day

Strength Program:
Warm UP:
20 seconds on 10 seconds off for 4 rounds each of air squats, push ups and sit ups.  
Squats: 7X3 at 80%
Bench: 3X4 at 65%, 2X4at 70%, 1X4@75%, 1X5 @60%, 1X4 at 72.5%, 1X3 @80%, ,
DL 6X3 at 80%, 1X2 at 85%

Max set ring push ups. Wait four minutes then perform 50% of those reps as an EMOM for 6 minutes. Repeat the same process for strict pull ups.