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advanced Personal Training 

The #JCainTrained program was born out of the desire for many athletes to reach higher levels of fitness beyond what is attainable with only a daily WOD(Workout of the Day).  This advance program is customized to each athlete offering personal coaching to athletes here at Reebok CrossFit 306 and WorldWide! 

Jason has keen understanding of our bodies energy systems, allowing him to program for all athletes and insuring that everyones improves over the long run.  He believes in seeking a daily 1% improvement through scientifically proven periodization and programming.

Online personal training program

Online personal training with Jason Cain #jcaintrained

This online personal training program enables Jason Cain to follow each athlete on their personal journey to elite fitness.  Jason has been providing online coaching to athletes around the globe for two years while still developing his own athletes’ at Reebok CrossFit 306.  Jason has coached athletes based out of England, Turkey, the United States and local Saskatchewan athletes.  Jason has worked with elite and recreational CrossFit athletes, weightlifters, powerlifters, and military personnel.

Advanced personal training with Jason Cain #jcaintrained

The online program uses Google sheets to insure interactivity.  Your training is updated weekly and Jason monitors your progress daily with regular check-ins via email and text.  Your training plan is customized and follows appropriate periodization based on your own individual needs.  You are never more then a text away from connecting with Jason.  he prides himself on being available for all athletes.

Successful personal training programs for athletes

Jason's track record of helping develop athletes speaks for itself.  In CrossFit he has helped numerous athletes prepare for CF regionals, both as individuals and as part of teams.   He coached multiple athletes to record breaking lifts in weightlifting and powerlifting. He has recently successfully prepared military personnel to pass JTF selections.   

Top Results from 2016-2019 #JCAINTRAINED Athletes

  • Beth Kostur - 4th at IWF World Masters 2018, Pan Am Masters Champion 2018

  • Mel Johnson - 6th at IWF World Masters 2018

  • Adam Deibert - 3rd at CPU Canadian National Powerlifting Championships 2018

  • Polina Bespalova - 1st Canada West Open CrossFit (Teens 16-17) 2018, 3rd at the Canadian Junior Weightlifting Championships 2019

  • 2 Successful JTF candidates - (Names withheld due to the sensitivity nature of their roles), 2016

  • Russell Lawrence - 1st 500m indoor Prairie Championships 2018, 1st in the 500m and 2000m open and masters divions in 2019

  • Kathee Le - 2nd at the Western Canadian Weightlifting Championships 2018

  • Aaron Parker - CF Games West Regionals 31st, 2017

  • Kelsey Rhode and Angela McDade both clean and jerked 225lbs in 2019


Basic program with one check-in weekly: 25$/ month or 50$/month for non-306 members

Custom program with multiple check-ins per week: 50$/month or 90$/month for non 306 members

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