3 on 3 Throwdown 2018

The sixth instalment of the Reebok CrossFit 306 3 on 3 Throwdown is happening Saturday September 29th 2018.  Don't miss out on the most exciting one day competition of the year followed by our legendary after party at Hudson's Taphouse.

When: Saturday Sept 29 2018 - one day only!  

COST: $275  per team

Registration opens on Monday July 30th at noon.   We usually sell out within days of registration opening up.

Rules & Details:

Teams are made up of two guys and one lady.  Only the team captain needs to register the team.
 Cost is 275$ plus GST.

We offer three division:

  1. Rx - You can all toss around some good weight and do high end gymnastic movements.

  2. Intermediate - Yeah we're fit, we can hold our own, but... we may have a few holes in our game.

  3. Scaled - We love CrossFit, but we are either new, or we have some limitations.

Key details


Attention all 3 on 3 competitors please note the start times for your division. Remember you must be there an hour before the start of your WOD for registration and briefing.

Scaled division - First WOD is at 8:00 AM all divisions
Intermediate division - First WOD is at 8:30 AM all divisions
Rx division - First WOD is at 9:00 AM

Semi- Finals are scheduled for 3:30

Finals and prizing for winners will be from 5:30-6:00


As per our custom, WODs will be released an hour before you perform them.  Here is the breakdown of the day.

All teams will perform 5 WODS.  At the conclusion of these WODS the top four teams will face off in the semi-finals. Only the winner of each semi-finals will move on to the winner take all final.

Finals for the winners of the semi-finals are schedule for 5:30PM for all divisions.

Prizing - Prizing for first place will include Reebok CrossFit apparel.

After party will be at 8PM at Hudson’s Taphouse.